After trawling the internet and flicking through countless magazines, I’ve been trying to find inspiration for an image that I will be passionate about and enjoy developing. It’s difficult to know how the project will turn out and what direction my chosen article will take me – creativity is so endless.

However I found myself drawn to articles covering health and lifestyle matters, and how it affects us. I think this is a topic that would affect anyone viewing my image, and hopefully cause them to stop and apply the message I would be communicating to themselves.

In particular, I am interested in sugar and it’s dangers – addiction to sugar, tooth decay etc. It is something we all tend to consume on a daily basis, often without the knowledge of how it could be negatively affecting us. I also think it the concept of sugar could make for some interesting imagery, e.g. colourful lollipops would reflect innocence and emphasise the impression we often have of lollies being fun and harmless.



2 thoughts on “Brainstorm

  1. Something about sugar isn’t it interesting, I’m mean we all use it right, a can of coke has ten scoops of sugar in it and it that simply cannot be good for the health. I will follow this WordPress blog out of curiosity and can wait to see where you take it.


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