I have chosen to base my project on a TIME Magazine article titled ‘Sugar Is the Only Cause of Tooth Decay, study Says’. I find it interesting how much sugar the average person consumes sugar, often without thinking about the consequences they might face. I think this is because we don’t really see or feel the effects of sugar immediately, only after it’s almost to late to fix them. I’d love to explore this idea when developing my image – e.g. illustrate the effects sugar has but show them occuring immediatly after someone has consumed it.

Sugar cubes



One thought on “Article

  1. I’m glad to hear you have gone with the sugar and tooth decay idea I’m sure you’ll be able to make a very eye catching image to go along with such a strong article. Have you considered how you are going to represent how dangerous sugar is in your image, you could consider representing tooth decay as something evil like a monster and having it coming out of sugary foods or comparing it with the harmfulness of tobacco or other addictive substances.


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