Communication Objectives

I like how my chosen article is so bare faced with its approach to explaining the issue with the amount of sugar people are consuming and how it is affecting their teeth. It blames tooth decay entirely on sugar, which is great for my image as it simplifies what subject matter I need to include and should make for sharper, more dramatic statement. This is one my intentions – to illustrate that bad teeth is caused by one little substance. I think that this will make for a salient message and when we consume sugary foods we don’t really think about sugar in its purest form causing damage to our teeth.

I find this blindness interesting, because food that is high in sugar is more often than not attractive and tempting. We perceive a glass of coke as refreshing; cakes as indulgent; candy as fun! Sugar seems carries this image of ‘glamour’. However a quick Google image search of ‘tooth decay’ will provide a completely opposite image (I would strongly advise anyone reading not to search this!). I would love to communicate this juxtaposition in my image, or at least convey sugar as irresistibly as I can and then subtly change something in the image that is unexpected to the viewer. This will communicate the message in the article that suggests we are carelessly consuming sugar without considering or even really noticing the consequences.

The article states that “researchers say we need to significantly rethink recommended sugar intake” and I intend to get this across as much as possible in my imagery.


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