This is a very important element when communicating a message visually. I think the colours you used in an image can completely change the way the viewer absorbs it and perceives the messages ideas being portrayed.

After researching colour for my image, I found a few ideas that I can apply to my work:

Depth. Lester (2013) explains that warm and bright colours appear closer than colder hues. I will keep this in mind when photographing and editing objects I am trying to make desirable and more accessible. For example a bright lollipop rich in warm colours will draw the viewer’s eye straight to it and feel like they could reach out and grab it.

Colour can energize people (Kress & Leeuwen, 2002). Again a bright lollipop will hopefully convey this and hold the viewers attention on the image. Kress and Leeuwen also discuss colour creating unity – an way to apply this idea could be making the characters lipstick or hair accessory the same colour as one that can be seen in the lollipop, straw etc. This would suggest that what she is about to consume belongs to her and that she ‘should’ consume it. Then when the viewer see the teeth falling out it will make for a more exaggerated message that it is in fact a bad idea.

I am undecided to use red as dominant colour to create the energy discussed above, or to use the colour pink. Coller (2008) makes a great point about pink and how it can convey a certain contradiction when used:

“pink ‘contains, generates, and tolerates more contradictions than practically any other colour’ (Von Taschitzki, 2006: 64). Thus, it is, unsurprisingly, connected with femininity and its stereotypical features, such as softness and delicacy, with childhood and innocence as well as with vanity and artificiality.” (pg. 396)



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