Which colour?

In my previous research post I left the colour choice of the lollipop undecided. Pink and red are both great for conveying the ideas I intend to portray, however I have decided on using red over pink as it is more universal. I was attracted to using pink for it’s ability to play on values of innocence and childlike qualities, while also conveying a sense of artificiality. This would be great for my image, however pink also carries strong feminine stereotype, which is not as ideal. I want my image to be applicable and relevant to anyone – young or old, male or female, as tooth decay is something that can affect anyone.

So instead of pink, I am going to go with the traditional colourful swirl of that is so widely recognised. Blues, greens, yellows, and most importantly red as it is such a vibrant colour conveying excitement and energy.

Which colour makes for the perfect sleep?


One thought on “Which colour?

  1. I like how you are thinking of a wide demographic to target with your final image, pink as a colour I suppose is rather suggestive however I don’t think it would hurt to incorporate in into some of your lollies and sugary substances just for the artificial effect, however your thinking is really impressive, keep up the good stuff its nice to read 🙂


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