I have been thinking about what my character will be wearing. Researching the concepts of semiotics has made me realise how important this is. The way someone is dressed can influence the perception of people and how they evaluate or judge them. For my image I wanted to convey a sense of innocence and harmless fun, echoing childhood excitement towards candy.

My character will wear a stripey top with vertical stripes, with the intention of resembling candy parlour stripes and hopefully instilling reminiscent thoughts associated with getting candy as a child, perhaps from a candy shop or stall at a fair.

I am also thinking of using a red bucket hat to intensify elements of innocence and playfulness. This is a childlike item and to me, instantly makes you think of memorable days out as  a child, and getting spoilt with a treat. In this case, seeing the lollipop in the image with make the viewer connect the two items and gather that the lollipop is an item of desire and reward.

Red will also convey this idea and will connect to the red hue in the lollipop.



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