I have been researching a few principles of design that I think will help me when shooting my photographs.


I was thinking of Photoshopping a background full of lollies behind my character to fill the space and make the image even more colourful. However it is the teeth that help communicate my message the most, therefore I need them to stand out as much as possible. After reading about negative space I have realised that simply leaving the background white could in fact make for a stronger image. “Negative space is one of the most commonly underutilized and misunderstood aspects of designing for the page. The parts of the site that are left blank, whether that’s white or some other color, help to create an overall image.” -


When viewing an image, the eye is often drawn around the picture plane in a certain path. This can help communicate narratives and messages. I can use this idea to my advantage when taking my photographs of my character as I want to show the viewer that she is eating the lollipop and as she is doing this decayed teeth are falling out of her mouth. I will try to show this motion by leaving a gap between her face and the lollipop (leaving room for the teeth to be edited in) while getting her to hold it in a place that looks like she has just taken in out of her mouth.


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