My image depicts a girl enjoying a lollipop, unaware of the damage it is doing to her teeth. As she takes a bite, her teeth are so weak and brittle that they fall out flying in the air. This is to show that the lollipop is causing so much damage to her teeth that they could snap of her mouth so easily. I intended to communicate the idea that we do not realise how dangerous sugar can be, and perceive sugary foods as more harmless rather than harmful. As the article proposes, people need to change the way they think about their sugar consumption. This is communicated in my image as it turns the tooth decay into an instant result of sugar consumption – since in reality tooth decay takes much longer to develop, I think people overlook their sugar intake and do not make a direct connection between the two. By placing them in a context where the are together, causes and effects are clearer and make a bolder statement.

I used a brightly coloured lollipop, red bucket hat and stripey top to convey innocence and excitement. I wanted to enhance my message by conveying everything about the girl in a joyful way. People often associate I chose to compose my image in this way to exaggerate the effects of sugar and startle the viewer. Even though the action of teeth falling out while eating a lollipop is unrealistic, I intended it to make for an eye-catching image in that regard, as I wanted the viewer to think about sugar in a different way – to consider tooth damage as though effects would occur immediately after consuming sugar. Eating a lollipop is seen as such a harmless activity when the reality of the its consequences can be the complete opposite – horribly damaged teeth.

In terms of the construction of my image on photoshop I used various tools and non-destructive techniques to edit and enhance it. I used a mask to cut the teeth out non-destructively, especially as they are very small with a detailed shape. To enhance finer details like the state of the gums and teeth I used the burn tool to darken or saturate the colour and a red brush using the ‘overlay’ setting to make the gums appear unhealthy. I enlarged and skewed the lollipop, and masked in the chunks that had been ‘bitten off’. I added a wash of pink and orange colours as filters and lowered the opacity to provide more coherency to the image. To convey a more realistic sense of movement of the flying teeth and lollipop pieces I used a motion blur filter and lower the opacity. To finish off the image and tidy up finer details I used various tools like burn, doge, brightness and contrast, hue and saturation, curves, photo filters and exposure.

Overall I used numerous tools to produce my image and make it as enhanced as I could. My editing has helped develop and communicate the ideas in my article effectively and made for a striking, though-provoking image.


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