WIP Week 11

I have been rearranging my elements to try and illustrate the process of making cupcakes. I may just arrows to guide the viewer around the infographic however I would ideally like to find a more original and unique way of engaging them. Once I have found a layout I am happy with I will tidy up and enhance details like the text font and coherency of colours.



2 thoughts on “WIP Week 11

  1. Hey Rebecca, loving what you are doing here. I like how visually appealing this is looking already. Love how all these elements of making a cupcake are so easy to understand, there is no complexities. I was wondering you can do your instructions on a recipe book, that’d be nice to see. But I like what you are doing already


  2. Rebecca this is coming along really nicely. I like all the vector artworks they look very cute. A suggestion I have would be to maybe play around with the placement of the title? I think it could possibly have more impact if it was closer to the image of the cupcake. Maybe give it a curve so it hugs around the circle. Overall it’s looking pretty sweet! 😀


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