WIP Week 12


Starting to settle on a certain composition and tweaking my scheme at this stage. I will keep tidying things up and add in some text to make the cupcake making process clearer.


2 thoughts on “WIP Week 12

  1. I really like your colour scheme, all works well together!
    Your images are all well drawn and look really good as well, my only point would obviously be text (which you are working on) and maybe add some numbers to direct the readers eye through the different processes? I think the title can probably be played around with a little as well, i really like the style of the font yule used, i think it suits well to your concept but maybe have a look at making it bolder or something?
    Looking really good!


  2. I really like your idea and your cupcakes are on point! On thing I should suggest from this idea would probably be being consistent with the circle at the back ground for each step on making a cupcake. Also, adding on to that, maybe you may have noticed, but your cupcake should be coming down to a size, as it is something I have drawn my eye to immediately. However I feel it should be more drawn as to HOW to make a cupcake, and by that decreasing the size of the cupcake ( and maybe also your cupcake vector looks so good it was the first thing I see). Other than, I can’t wait to see your final product! 😀


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