My infographic illustrates the basic process of how a cupcake is made. This is mainly separated into four sections categorised as ‘Mix’, ‘Pour’, ‘Bake’ and ‘Decorate’, each enclosed within circle shapes. These circles depict their contents as separate steps and increase in size to help guide the eye along the steps in the correct order. There is also a ingredients list in the form of icons sitting on a shelf; this is arranged at the top of the picture plane next to the main title to signify its importance in the cupcake making process. I chose not to put this information in a circle as the ingredients apply to every step, whereas the information I communicated that are placed in the circles are exclusive or unique to the step concerned.
I focused on keeping the image consistently simple and achieved this through flat, 2 dimensional shapes and a colour scheme mainly made up of plain, pastel colours. I used three simple and elegant fonts, each a different size to enforce hierarchy amongst parts of my image (e.g. the main ‘Cupcakes’ heading different to the subheadings) and used them sparingly to enhance the visual elements rather than dominate the frame.
For my A8 board I decided to use the completely made cupcake image, rather than other icons like ingredients or the oven in order to communicate the purpose of the infographic and show what it will teach the viewer about. I also included the title banner to provide context for what it is about the cupcakes the main infographic will illustrate i.e. how to make them.
The tutorials on illustrator taught in classes were extremely helpful and I have used many techniques that we learnt about in my infographic. After learning how to use the pen tool effectively I was able to create vector shapes and tweak them exactly how I wanted. I also found tutorials on colour helpful, particularly the eye-dropper tool which allowed me to match colours to certain elements in my image. Along with the aid of my research on colour this helped me think about the coherency of my colour scheme and connection of ideas (e.g. colour of ribbons behind titles). Other details such as the gradient layed over the oven baking the cupcakes were also a result of both in-class learning and personal research external to classes.

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